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the return of ill health after an apparent or partial recovery



a new exacerbation of a disease during remission after an apparent recovery. In the case of a latent chronic infection, for example, brucellosis, pneumonia, and erysipelas, a relapse may be caused by inadequate immunity, chilling, or the supervention of a secondary infection. It may also be caused by a faulty diet, for example, with colitis, or by the cyclical nature of the disease itself (malaria, relapsing fever). The pathogenic microflora of the body is usually activated as a result of a relapse. A repeated infection caused by the same microorganisms is called a reinfection.

The pathogenesis of a relapse of a noninfectious disease is caused by shock, for example, with eczema, by vascular disorders, by regular malignant growth, and by inadequate treatment, for example, by the incomplete removal of a tumor. The pathogenesis of a relapse is sometimes unknown, for example, with familial Mediterranean fever and schizophrenia.

The clinical symptoms of a relapse may resemble or differ from the onset of a disease as a result of both the nature of the disease and the prescribed treatment. A relapse is sometimes more severe than the first attack of a disease and is more difficult to treat, as in the case of a relapse of acute leukemia. A relapse may be accompanied by complications, for example, intestinal bleeding in typhoid. Relapses are common to some diseases, for example, chronic dysentery. Treatment and preventive methods for relapses are usually the same as for the original disease.


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A chronic relapser might need this amount of time to emerge out of what the author refers to as a "fog.
After interferon therapy, 109 were sustained responders, 33 were relapsers and 33 non responders.
By 3 months follow-up, we observed significant differences between abstainers and relapsers on both variables.
With one voice, the community 12-Step fellowships can come together with local treatment centers to help chronic relapsers find freedom.
3%) patients had shown undetectable HCV RNA during the therapy, but had become HCV RNA positive after discontinuing medication and were, thus, relapsers.
While this is a simple and obvious criterion of a chronic relapser, the distinction of an individual who has attempted sobriety and failed is important.
transient increases at the end of treatment in relapsers.
Among people who were treated previously but did not achieve a viral cure, in the Phase 3 studies: 86 percent of relapsers achieved a viral cure with INCIVEK combination therapy compared to 22 percent with P/R alone; 59 percent of partial responders achieved a viral cure compared with 15 percent with P/R alone; and 32 percent of null responders achieved a viral cure compared with 5 percent with P/R alone.
Univariate analysis of independent variables: Uivariate comparison of the variables, revealed that age, pre-study disease and remission durations, Hb, serum Alb, Seo index, ESR rate, white blood cells, FC levels, and cigarette smoking had statistically significant differences between the relapsers and non relapsers (Pless than 0.
The suboptimal response of this form to alpha-interferon, with a high rate of non-responders or relapsers, has led to research and development of new antiviral drugs that could be used as alternative therapies.
I want to work with at-risk youth and chronic relapsers, to help them regain their lives.
There are increasing numbers of relapsers and nonresponders to the interferon-plus-ribavirin therapy For these patients, no therapy is known to work.