relational algebra

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relational algebra

(database, theory)
A family of algebra with a well-founded semantics used for modelling the data stored in relational databases, and defining queries on it. The main operations of the relational algebra are the set operations (such as union, intersection, and cartesian product), selection (keeping only some lines of a table) and the projection (keeping only some columns).

The relational data model describes how the data is structured.

Codd's reduction algorithm can convert from relational calculus to relational algebra.

relational algebra

(1) The branch of mathematics that deals with relations; for example, AND, OR, NOT, IS and CONTAINS.

(2) In a relational database, a collection of rules for dealing with tables; for example, JOIN, UNION and INTERSECT.
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Most applications and proposed solutions of non-exact matches and similarity search, which are not covered by traditional relational algebra, have some common characteristics--there is a universe of objects and a non-negative distance or distance-like function defined among them.
Relational Algebra can be viewed as a data manipulation language for relational model.
Rules for combining operands and operators to relational algebra expression
DblMetaEngine -- interprets RDBMS metadata about the relationship between tables and fields, disguises database differences, and automatically adds the relational algebra to complete the query

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