relative airflow

relative airflow (RAF)

The air in a region where the pressure, temperature, and relative velocity are unaffected by the passage of aircraft through it. Also known as free-stream flow
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These include the following: the relative airflow resistance of the flowhood compared to the rest of the duct system and/or the branch being measured and the different response of PSC and BPM blowers to increased airflow resistance.
As a result, the maximum relative airflow must be constrained to 1.
Equation 22 can be used to determine the required fan settings for a given total relative airflow.
The conversion process between a relative airflow setpoint and the discrete fan control involves choosing the set of discrete fan settings from the table that produces a tower airflow closest to the desired flow, assuming that airflow is proportional to fan speed.
According to Equation 22, the fan-speed setting if all cells are operating is equal to the relative airflow setpoint.
Then, for each entry in the table, the required fan control settings for the variable-speed fans that give the required relative airflow are determined using Equation 22, assuming that all the variable- speed fans operate at the same speed (see step 2).
Following the relative airflow speeds in the molecule layers further from the surface, it may be noted that these increase.
The enhanced controls strategies are to (1) reduce the relative airflow (cfm/ton) at high relative humidity levels and (2) allow for 2[degrees]F (1.