relief damper

relief damper, relief opening

A damper in an air-conditioning system which opens automatically, relieving the buildup of air pressure within the building or air-conditioned space.
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Outdoor air flow rate is controlled primarily by the relief and coil path return dampers, and in the event that adequate outdoor air cannot be provided by manipulating these dampers (only in the event that that the relief air damper is fully open and the coil path return damper is fully closed), then the bypass damper can be incrementally closed to force more air out through the relief damper, causing more air to enter through the outdoor air inlet.
2]O), until the relief damper is fully open and then to raise the relief plenum pressure set point and maintain the relief damper at the fully open position.
Award Notice: Installation of doors and frames; removing and replacing windows; installation of dx air conditioning unit; removal and replacement of hvac relief damper actuators, and incidental work at bldg 20130 afotec, kirtland afb, nm.
If the return fan has direct building pressure control, disable this control so the relief damper is closed.
Pressure stabilizer by nature is an adjustable automatic relief damper, it is a leakage regulator across a cleanroom envelope to maintain a much lower room pressure when a cleanroom door is opened for traffic.
Not only does it increase pressure drop and supply fan energy, it can cause reverse outdoor airflow through the relief damper when Airflow Tracking control is used.
The relief damper is controlled to maintain building pressure directly using a pressure sensor located in a representative space inside the building.
The relief damper was modulated according to the relief fan VFD speed.
Dampers were checked to see how well they closed, and all but one relief damper were tightly closed.
Another option is to install expensive and architecturally unattractive pressure relief dampers to the outdoors.
Gas extinguishing contract scope includes the metro station electrical equipment rooms, the automatic fire extinguishing system is implemented inerttiksusammutusjEnrjestelmEnnEn, works include a gas system as a whole, including sammutusksuineen extinguishing gas tanks, distribution piping distribution and laukaisunohjausventtiileineen, launch control, over-pressure relief dampers, fire dampers and other control mechanisms.
In this configuration, the equipment is provided with outside air dampers, relief dampers, return air dampers, filters, actuators, linkages, mixing box, sensors, controls, and other components necessary to make the economizer modes of operation complete.