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Refers to any entity (user, machine, facility) in a different geographic location. Contrast with local.

What does it mean when you dream about a remote?

Remote in the sense of a television remote may relate to control issues that suggest the dreamer’s “buttons are getting pushed” by a relationship that feels too controlling. If, in terms of the alternative meaning of the term “remote,” the dreamer feels distanced by the objects or people in their dream, perhaps they are mirroring the ways in which they distance themselves from people in their environment.

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Dark skies of remoter parts of the country are said to offer the perfect environment to view the eclipse, which is predicted to be approximately 98 per cent clear on Lewis and 97 per cent in Shetland.
Service delivery needs vary greatly from the remoter districts of Baluchistan calling for aggressive outreach services to the growing urban settlements of Punjab requiring private-sector harnessing towards the MDGs.
No matter what stories I may have heard about remoter parts of the country, here everything runs like clockwork in a cheerful atmosphere of camaraderie.
Speaking to AFP from Turkey, one of them who spent nearly two years trapped by the army siege in third city Homs, said he believed in a peaceful solution, but that Assad's win made the prospects remoter than ever.
Blaming President Bashar al-Assad's government for the present scenario, UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos accused his regime of an arbitrary and unjustified refusal to grant aid convoys access to remoter areas.
Some of them are looking to flee perhaps the country and are heading to the remoter corners," he said, speaking after an AU peace and Security Council meeting in the Ethiopian capital.
It could provide incentives to migrants who move to live and work in remoter geographical areas - assisting with community sustainability, or adding new categories of skills.
If any role at all is played by the time element in human life, there cannot be any question of equal valuation of nearer and remoter periods of the same length.
NawaSat is well-suited to the inaccessible areas of Namibia, as well as to small communities or remoter business hubs, such as mines.
Initially project will focus from Class IX and XII which carries tremendous worth for students / learners across board especially in remoter, far flung areas marked with dearth of qualified teachers in sciences and lack of laboratories, libraries, IT connectivity and related resources.
Amalgamating public bodies should save money although sometimes it doesn't, but people requiring services, especially at the periphery, or in remoter parts of a public bodies area inevitably lose out.
Choose a classic 'northern waters' cruise and discover the Baltic Cities, the North Cape or Iceland, or choose to cruise closer to home, discovering and exploring remoter corners of the British Isles and some enchanting Celtic landscapes.