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Refers to any entity (user, machine, facility) in a different geographic location. Contrast with local.

What does it mean when you dream about a remote?

Remote in the sense of a television remote may relate to control issues that suggest the dreamer’s “buttons are getting pushed” by a relationship that feels too controlling. If, in terms of the alternative meaning of the term “remote,” the dreamer feels distanced by the objects or people in their dream, perhaps they are mirroring the ways in which they distance themselves from people in their environment.

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But it was not until the invention or development of the jet-ski (or wetbike) in the 1970s and the four-wheel Quadbike in the mid-8os and their subsequent introduction to Britain's remoter spots that the threats they posed became apparent.
Hardest hit are young people and those living in remoter areas where problems are often more acute but more difficult to pin-point.
According to Oxfam, one of the challenges facing aid agencies this time around is reaching the remoter areas of the province.
Not in Dyserth anyway; though goodness knows what still goes on in some of the remoter parts of Rhuddlan.
This dramatic destruction in one of the remoter corners of the world led to the creation of what Tinniswood describes as 'one of the world's great monuments to art deco'.
With the discouragement of wind farm developments in remoter areas and with many of the 'low impact' sites now consented or constructed, wind farms are inevitably going to be brought closer to residential receptors.
In remoter areas, the versatile monitoring device on board may automatically opt to use global positioning system (GPS).
It will also set out to promote and restore wildlife, develop eco-tourism and re-wild remoter areas.
As I was preparing to leave, using one of the remoter and darker stairwells tucked away behind the refectory, a little boy stopped me and warned me:
This funding will go a long way towards supporting our advisory and training services for local communities in the remoter rural parts of Northumberland.
Buses and trains are here very expensive for most users and offer nothing like the service found even in remoter parts of New England.
Travelling a thousand miles to have my bunions treated is not my idea of bliss," I husked, desperately sucking some moisture into the remoter regions of my tongue, which had been dried to the texture of pumice by the previous night's intake of red wine.