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a formal request by one government to another for the surrender of a fugitive from justice



compulsory seizure by the state of property from an owner and payment to him of the property’s value. In the USSR, requisition is permitted only in cases provided for by law and during such emergencies as war, natural disasters, and epidemics. The RSFSR has a General Law on Requisition and Confiscation of Property dated Mar. 28, 1927 (Collection of Laws of the RSFSR, 1927, no. 38, art. 248), which specifies that means of transportation, clothing, food products, and the like may be requisitioned. The value of the requisitioned property is reimbursed at state prices within one month. Under extraordinary circumstances, requisition is sometimes temporary; an example is the requisitioning of boats during floods. When such circumstances no longer exist, the property is returned to the owner.

application for payment

The contractor’s written request for payment of amount due for completed portions of the work, 1 and, if the contract so provides, for materials delivered and suitably stored pending their incorporation into the work.
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The Home Department had recommended that the Rangers was assisting the police and Civil administration, therefore their requisition in the province may be extended for another year.
Speaker is bound to summon the session within 14 days after the submission of a requisition.
La direction locale du commerce a decide d'adresser 537 requisitions pour autant de commercants pour garantir la continuite des activites commerciales et assurer un approvisionnement regulier
Requisition both inventory (real-time look up to Dynamics) and non-inventory items
Brigade combat teams (BCTs) have managed class VIII as a line item requisition process.
Accordingly, the Requisition also seeks the removal of Lincoln McCrabb.
Now, any MLD tracked requisition that has your UIC/DODAAC in the supplementary address will also be displayed.
In our analyses (2) of requisition data, we found over 28K requisitions loaded in SBSS accounts that did not have a matching requisition in the wholesale systems (24K at DLA and 4K at AFMC).
Commit to pay monthly requisitions within two weeks, without fail, instead of the usual four weeks which stretches to five or six weeks.
The WRU board has considered the requisitions received from 13 clubs calling for an EGM and, in reviewing those requisitions, it has become apparent there is insufficient support for a motion of no confidence,' said a WRU statement.
Customer wait time (CWT) is measured by calculating the time between the date a requisition is created and the date that it is closed out at the same point of entry.