Rescue Ship

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Rescue Ship


a ship designed to render aid to vessels disabled at sea. Rescue ships may have all-purpose or restricted functions, for example, rescue tugs, fireboats, and submarine rescue ships. Such ships are equipped with towing gear for towing vessels that have lost power and for freeing vessels that have run aground, both fixed and portable devices for pumping water from vessels, materials, apparatus, and facilities for repairs, equipment for welding and cutting (including underwater work), equipment for transferring people from other ships, and cargo hoists. They are provided with cabins for rescued people, compartments for valuable property that has been salvaged, and an emergency repair shop.

Rescue ships usually have a shallow draft, which is necessary for operations in shallow waters. They are fast (30 to 40 km/hr) and sufficiently seaworthy to operate in any weather. They are used by coastal services that operate in areas where navigation is difficult and ship traffic is heavy. In the USSR, rescue ships are used by port emergency rescue services.


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Joseph said: "I joined a small passenger ship in Glasgow which had been converted into a hospital rescue ship called the Fastnet.
The Italian Red Cross, with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), is partnering with independent charity Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) in a joint life-saving mission on board the Responder rescue ship this week.
Perform Dokov ship repair the composition of the Navy Project 130, 250, 650, 106K, class E-71 Class Flauer and a rescue ship protest as required by TC M96.
Previously Manxman had doubled as the rescue ship Carpathia in a movie about Titanic and appeared in another feature about the spies, Burgess and McLean.
Additionally, Russia would apportion a maritime rescue ship from the Leningrad naval base, a rescue tow-boat and a rescue boom-laying rescue boat from the Baltic branch of the State Naval Rescue Service of Russia.
The new safety measures have not prevented the Foreign Office issuing a warning to passengers considering expeditionary voyages to the Arctic that "search and rescue ship capacity may well be less than would be needed to cope with even one of the small cruise ships" sailing in the area.
It also emerged yesterday rescue ship HMS Cumberland will be scrapped next year under defence cuts.
As hundreds of Brits were ferried from Libya to Malta, it emerged that rescue ship HMS Cumberland will be scrapped next year under defence cuts.
A MASSIVE fire gutted a former rescue ship anchored in a Scottish dockyard yesterday.
THREE crewmen died yesterday in an accident on a rig rescue ship in the North Sea.
There are shots of icebergs in the vicinity of the disaster, along with Captain Arthur Rostron of the rescue ship Carpathia.
Built as a cargo vessel, it was chartered by the Admiralty to be a rescue ship.