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(or specific resistance), a physical quantity equal to the electrical resistance of a cylindrical conductor of unit length and unit cross-sectional area. Designated p, resistivity is usually expressed in ohm-centimeters or ohm-meters.

electrical resistivity, specific resistance

The resistance, in ohms, of an electric conductor of unit cross-sectional area and unit length.
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Importance of using soil electrical resistivity for determining contamination:
The investigation of the surface and volume resistivity of such films, to this point, has received far less consideration.
The glass fiber was added to increase the rigidity of the PEEK without compromising the electrical resistivity of the PEEK.
Researchers used 25 plain, binary, and ternary (a mixture containing three parts) concrete mixtures containing up to 55 percent of Class F or Class C fly ashes--and, in some cases, fine limestone powder with different aggregate types and maximum sizes--to evaluate the correlation between the RCPT and the surface resistivity test.
However, more information is needed on this topic and this study was aimed at collecting additional electrical resistivity data regarding Thata Island (Figure 4: aerial photo) and our interpretation was aimed at supplementing Bauer et al.
As will be shown later in this article, the decrease of CB/GR additives did not have any significant effect on BP through-plane resistivity if the crystallization temperature was well chosen and a good balance between BP conductivity and processability was obtained.
Concrete surface resistivity testing is completely non-destructive, simple to perform and yet is one of the most versatile test methods for on-site evaluation of concrete.
Based on the results of the geological mapping conducted on the Paser Project the field team collected a number of coal samples for quality analysis and completed 20 lines of a resistivity survey covering the 43 ha concession designed to gain a better understanding of the vertical and lateral distribution of the coal seams.
This chart was validated with available literature data from independent sources and can be used to provide a rough estimate of the magnitude of polarization applied on buried steel pipes for a given soil resistivity and an off-potential measured.
Wright reports: "Beneath the surface resistive layer is a sequence of layers with varying resistivities, which generally decrease in resistivity with depth.
2005) found that bulk soil resistivity of a black Vertosol had a significant correlation with neutron probe readings, indicating that bulk resistivity can provide a valuable measure of soil moisture content in these shrinking and swelling soils.
Of all these methods, resistivity has an important attribute of responding to different materials than seismic and other methods, specifically to water content and salinity of subsurface units (Mooney, 1980).