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Marlins Park is the first retractable roof structure in the world to earn LEED Gold Certification from the U.
For the new bar and roof top terrace at the Revolution Bar in the town centre now features a retractable roof.
Open will have to deal with delays and postponements on the main venue Arthur Ashe Stadium court, because a retractable roof will be fully operational next year.
By the end of the two-week tournament - officially known as The Championships, Wimbledon - the 15,000-capacity court with its famous retractable roof is hardly recognisable as the pristine playing surface that greeted the first serve on Day 1.
Hakubun Shimomura said a planned retractable roof would not be built in time for the Games, and some of the 80,000 seats would be temporary ones, according to Japanese media reports.
One of the world s signature sporting events is now officially weatherproof, with the addition of a third retractable roof at Melbourne Park, home of the Australian Open.
The Air is to feature a full-length retractable roof and the Adeventure is to feature block grey cladding, a fixed roof with built-in rack and luggage case.
First up is an armadillo-inspired retractable roof.
A spanking new stadium equipped with ultra-modern facilities and a retractable roof that can take care of the elements -- fans have been waiting for this for a long time," Low, who is also the vice-president of the Singapore National Olympic Council, told AFP.
The 80,000 capacity arena has a retractable roof, adjustable seating to bring spectators closer to the action and terraces and balconies so spectators can take in views of the city during breaks in the action.
According to tournament director Craig Tiley, the planning will feature a third retractable roof working over Margaret Court Arena in a grand slam first, more shade and seating, and other improvements in the next stage of Melbourne Park's redevelopment.
More than 30 pitches have been laid since the stadium first opened its retractable roof in 1999.