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an institution, esp a private one, for the care and treatment of the mentally ill, infirm, elderly, etc.



military ceremonial music and a military signal played at a specific time on the drum, horn, or trumpet or by a band. The retreat appeared in various armies in the 18th century. In the Soviet armed forces the retreat is played in training centers and camps after the daily evening roll call and in the barracks after the evening roll call for the whole regiment or the battalion. The retreat music that is presently used was written by S. A. Chernetskii. On state holidays of the USSR, of the armed forces, of an armed service, or of a combat arm and on annual holidays of units and when certain persons (specified by the Military Regulations of the Internal Service of the Armed Forces of the USSR) visit a summer encampment a ceremonial retreat is sounded. For this ceremony, all the personnel of the summer encampment assemble in the area indicated by the commanding officer of the summer encampment. At the designated time, signal flares are fired, an artillery battery fires a volley of blank rounds, and a composite band plays the retreat and the anthem of the Soviet Union, after which the troops file past the band.


Ustav vnutrennei sluzhby Vooruzhennykh Sil Soiuza SSR. Moscow, 1969.



(mining engineering)
Workings in the opposite direction of advance work which, when completed, will permit the area to be abandoned as finished.
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Included in the retreat package is accommodation in historic hotels, all meals, transportation, run coaching and wellness workshops.
Retreat House Chester, rooted in Christian tradition, believes that refreshing the ancient practice of retreat has much to offer people today, whatever our differences, and that sometimes we need to be able to do this in ways that fit with modern daily living.
ANC, Wiper and Kanu have had already held their retreats and ODM was considering to have its own retreat this year before the NASA retreat.
She further expressed her optimism that the retreat will also improve ECOWAS' Rapid Deployment Capability (RDC) in circumstances where required in the future.
Married couples who had joined the retreat in the past swore to its efficacy.
The staff at Retreat CHC will run awareness drives on TB at the facility in order to alleviate any misconception people might have about the illness.
City Retreat offers more than 100 treatments in the beautifully designed salon and spa with six treatment rooms (including two rooms for couples), a Caster of private spa suite, champagne nail bar, brow bar, spray tanning room and a very welcoming reception and retail area.
The offer: Multi-day better aging retreat includes personal goal setting, assessment, a medical report, osteopath appointment, personal training and massages.
The retreat is also expected to create a community of members who will naturally build long-lasting friendships, despite the trip being comparatively short.
Reflecting the core elements of Biophilic design, colour palettes within the Urban Retreat collection are evocative of heritage stones, forests, and savannah grasses.
After some time has gone by, distribute any hard-hitting business results that stemmed from the retreat.
In addition to signaling the end of the official duty day, retreat serves as a reminder to pay respect to the flag.