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8 requires nominal terminations on both constituents, it is clear that the final constituent sec is termed pada and is subject to the negation of retroflexion stated in A.
Rex noted that a study of retroflexion in a typical screening population might have yielded more polyps.
Cecal retroflexion was needed for ileal intubation when using the enteroscope in all patients.
In section 3 we will show that the hypotheses to be presented directly below also seem to be relevant for, for instance, voice, retroflexion and length.
A gastroenterologist objectively scored the residents, monitoring factors such as intubation, retroflexion, pathology and virtual patient discomfort.
8 Aug 04, 2011: Study Says Use Of Retroflexion Technique During Colonoscopy In Right Side Of Colon Improves Polyp Detection 167
Thus, although Bhatia criticizes Ketelaar for his failure to understand aspiration and retroflexion, he duly appreciates his overall achievements.
give roots 4-7 with retroflex n, Panini accounts for the retroflexion of dental n in derivatives by 8.