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But the retrograde motion of the Nautilus was increasing; and, reversing the screw, it carried us at great speed.
Crooks and his companions had been completely disheartened by this retrograde march through a bleak and barren country; and had found, computing from their progress and the accumulating difficulties besetting every step, that it would be impossible to reach Henry's Fort and return to the main body in the course of the winter.
The eight oars stopped, and resisting the water, created a retrograde motion.
Pickwick advancing towards him with the chaise whip in his hand, than he exchanged the rotary motion in which he had previously indulged, for a retrograde movement of so very determined a character, that it at once drew Mr.
The patient was successfully diagnosed by a magnetic resonance urography (MRU) and retrograde intubation radiography.
In this study, the authors' goal was to evaluate how retrograde bone marrow cell delivery might impact patients with either ischemic (resulting from blocked arteries, whereby the heart doesn't receive enough blood flow and oxygen) or non-ischemic (caused by virus, high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat) heart failure.
A preliminary study was carried on mice who suffered from amnesia, and it was found that patients suffering from retrograde amnesia -- where the person losses memory access, actually don't lose their memory but it will become inaccessible for recall.
The punch line surfaces in the final paragraph: "Imperialism bestowed order, however retrograde it may have been".
Daisy, Hamilton (Virgo) Her chart shows Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, right where the new Moon appeared on January 20, just as Mercury again retrograded, repeating the theme of delays around property.
The CMRE supported regional command and brigade combat team efforts to bring property to record, inventory and account for containers, process materiel for retrograde, and close down forward operating bases or transfer them to the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Douglas Flint, group chairman of HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) has said that the move to cap bankers' bonuses is a retrograde step.
CDDOC has served USCENTCOM and the Defense Transportation System (DTS) from the Operation Iraqi Freedom II transition, through the troop surges in both Iraq and Afghanistan, through the withdrawal from Iraq, and now into a full-thrust redeployment and retrograde as Operation Enduring Freedom winds down.