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a name for the Eastern Slavic tribes that is found in the works of Byzantine and Arab authors.



(also called Rosa or Rus), a river in the Ukrainian SSR, a right tributary of the Dnieper. It is 346 km long and drains an area of 12,600 sq km. Originating on the Dnieper Upland, the Ros’ empties into the Kremenchug Reservoir. The river is fed primarily by snow. There is high water in March and April. The mean flow rate 65 km from the mouth is 22.5 cu m per sec. The Ros’ usually freezes in November or December; sometimes it freezes in January. The ice breaks up between late February and early April. The river is navigable for 60 km from the mouth. The Steblev and Korsun’-Shevchenkovskii hydroelectric power plants and the cities of Belaia Tserkov’, Boguslav, and Korsun’-Shevchenkovskii are situated on the Ros’.

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