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1. The side of an opening for a door or window, doorway, or the like, between the doorframe or window frame and the outer surface of the wall; where the opening is not filled with the door or window, the whole thickness of the wall.
2. The distance from the face of a door to the face of the frame on the pivot side.
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As the night progressed sozzled revellers struggled to stay on their feet with some ending up spreadeagled in street gutters or against taxi ranks.
There was not a single person dressed as an inflatable banana in sight and contented families with pushchairs and ice-cream had replaced the revellers.
The coastguard yesterday warned against taking potentially lethal swims when drunk at any time, and said the reveller in question had had a lucky escape.
Hundreds of revellers swarmed round him as he stepped into the Tango cafe, cameras in hand, bemused by the unexpected guest.
HUNDREDS of revellers dressed as Father Christmas managed to Claus quite a stir at a boozy parade.
The last of the revellers remained on site last night despite pleas from locals and the police to move on.
With a maximum crowd of 5,000, revellers are given a close-up musical experience like no other.
Police believe the reveller was assaulted by a doorman and Det Sgt Rob Spoor, of Market Street CID, said: "We're investigating an allegation of an assault by a doorman in the Collingwood Street area.
Summary: Cross-dressing reveller fights off drunken yobs
Clockwise, from top, A festival goer takes a rest after over-indulging at the gig; another reveller looks for the after-sun lotion; gravelly voiced Kelly Jones of Welsh band Stereophonics wowed the V2002 audience; music veteran Elvis Costello; Adam Duritz of Californian band Counting Crows
By MIRROR REPORTER KELLY Brook is used to male attention but this over-excited reveller slightly ruined the ambience of her night.
GUESTJ Martin Rogan STARJ Leigh Francis FRIGHT ON ZTHE TILES Kelly Brook is unimpressed by reveller