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The closest rheologically compatible substitute was 5C, and a close second choice was 5D.
Each system is thermally and rheologically balanced and available in all gating techniques, including hot-tip, multitip, hot-edge, sprue and valve gate (in both hydraulic and pneumatic actuation).
33) presents data for a rheologically characterized polyethylene in two modular screw elements of a commercial Leistritz counter-rotating twin screw extruder.
Other applications involve blow molding, thermoforming, and mixing, with a special emphasis on rheologically complex materials in industrial processes.
To simulate the aging the binders would experience over a period of four years in the field the samples were CATOD aged and subsequently rheologically characterized.
c] increased by 12-128[degrees]C; the rheologically observed polymer degradation was not sufficient to significantly affect the [T.
Developing formulations that are rheologically compatible with the customer's resin is a difficult task, Mimeault adds, especially when a customer is reluctant to disclose vital information on the formulation.
The rheologically determined percolation threshold for HMS-PP and EVA clay nanocomposite is around 4%.
The program simulates the flow of rheologically complex fluids in industrial processing applications such as extrusion and coextrusion, fiber spinning, laminar mixing, compounding, and chemical vapor deposition.
The resin was rheologically characterized to obtain the material parameters for the Carreau model and K-BKZ constitutive equation, and for the mathematical swell model.
Barmag's extrusion gear pumps have rheologically designed inlet and outlet areas that are said to ensure safe filling of the tooth spaces and optimal polymer flow conditions.
Prior to experimental trials, all resins were rheologically characterized to obtain the material parameters for the K-BKZ model and for the swell model.