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Movement of a motile cell or organism in response to the direction of water currents.



the property of certain lower plants (myxomycetous plasmodia), unicellular animals (flagellates, infusorians), and cells (spermatozoa) to move in a direction opposite to the current of a fluid.

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Effects of temperature, season and feeding conditions on the rheotactic behaviour of two stocks of landlocked arctic char.
For example, the combination of a relatively strong rheotactic cue and a straight narrow odor plume produced at fast flow speed allowed crabs to walk directly to the odor source.
Because the water flow from the mussel's exhalant siphons can be expelled over quite a distance, in addition to rheotactic response, filtering may also act as a sort of chemical beacon to guide the commensals in their search for the appropriate partner (Gotto 1970).
For example, several neurons in the pedal ganglion are hypothesized to be motor neurons that play a role in positive rheotactic turning in T.