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an oblique-angled parallelogram having four equal sides



a plane quadrangle with equal sides (Figure 1). It may be regarded as the special case of the parallelogram where two adjacent sides are equal, the diagonals are perpendicular,

Figure 1

or a diagonal bisects the angles of the vertices that it joins. A rhombus with right angles is called a square.


A parallelogram with all sides equal. Also known as rhomb.
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For the white point of satisfying the rhombus conditions, they are adjusted from left to right and from top to bottom, and the operation is shown as follows.
Rhombus develops innovative, high efficiency power conversion and energy management systems for energy storage, alternative energy, vehicle charging, micro-grid and test equipment applications.
Esmail's assistant Niall Collum was also anticipating a big run from Rhombus.
First, the radiation patterns are calculated for a 16 x 16 regular array of Double Rhombus antennas, where the array size (between elements' centers) is 15 x 14 mm = 21 cm in both axes (total area = 21 x 21 = 441 [cm.
In this paper, the proposed antenna design has a unique rhombus -like shape with truncated edges and slotted patch elements fed by an aperture coupler.
The double rhombus antenna is modified, and the new design is 30% less in size with 86% bandwidth.
As the cube is the spatial version of the square, so the rhombic hexahedron is the spatial version of the rhombus, consisting of six rhombus-shaped sides.
In order to avoid the adverse effect caused by excessive magnifying, the third and the fourth schemes were improved based on the rhombus grid bush.
drum, skewed rhombus of hatchback, diamond shims of tempered glass, the
Somedays I'm not up for the challenge': Usually at six with mambo Kids chips and chickencoop wine/The mountain seems an ass/The insects feed on me starting now and/a constellation of rhombus and oblong ellipse/shapes rise up on veiny ankles and knuckles/I start another crossword puzzle (& leave another incomplete).
A love triangle becomes a rhombus when Juan Antonio casts admiring glances at Vicky.
The constellation was named Rhombus when it was invented in 1621, but French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille renamed it to honor the eyepiece with rhomboidal crosshairs that he used to measure star positions.