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an oblique-angled parallelogram having four equal sides



a plane quadrangle with equal sides (Figure 1). It may be regarded as the special case of the parallelogram where two adjacent sides are equal, the diagonals are perpendicular,

Figure 1

or a diagonal bisects the angles of the vertices that it joins. A rhombus with right angles is called a square.


A parallelogram with all sides equal. Also known as rhomb.
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With Goodwood, a track at which he has won before, highly unlikely to be riding quick, Rhombus can carry on the good work off a 3lb higher mark.
Rhombus develops innovative, high efficiency power conversion and energy management systems for energy storage, alternative energy, vehicle charging, micro-grid and test equipment applications.
Esmail's assistant Niall Collum was also anticipating a big run from Rhombus.
Two of these were Niv Fichman and Larry Weinstein, with whom she would found Rhombus Media.
In order to avoid the adverse effect caused by excessive magnifying, the third and the fourth schemes were improved based on the rhombus grid bush.
Next, on the border of level 1, the elements are equal to "a", where "a" is the sum of all elements of the previous border, the "a" s form a rhombus too inside the previous one.
The letters of a word can be displayed as one of a number of different geometrical forms--a triangle, pentagon or rhombus etc.
An important geometric form is the stepped rhombus, with its simple and complex variants, which is visible from a great distance, especially when it is located on the upper part of a hillside.
When it turned 25, it produced, in association with Rhombus Media, a series of 10 short films in a package called Preludes.
A Rhombus Media Production in Co-Production with NHK Japan.
A rhombus with a metal ceiling; an underground hospital carved out of rock; ceilings that float above your head.