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a path specially made for riding on horseback



a narrow lane cut through a forest. Rides are made to designate the boundaries of compartments or to serve construction purposes (the laying of power lines and conduits). Rides divide a forest into economic units for exploitation, registration, economic planning and organization, control of forest fires, and transport of timber. A ride is usually 4–8 m wide. Rides established for fire-fighting purposes (sometimes called fire roads in the U. S.) may be as wide as 20 m.

What does it mean when you dream about riding?

Riding in a dream—be it in a car, train, ship—may indicate that the dreamer is seeking a destination. Alternatively, it may reveal that the dreamer is in a relationship or other situation that he or she feels is going nowhere, and it may require that they “ride it out” for awhile.

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Keep riding and once you've completed three rides, a free backpack can be claimed.
If you don't think she will be able to follow the rules, keep her off the ride.
On the first Sunday of every month they have a ride especially for beginners.
The ride proved so complicated that Six Flags had its own engineers redesign parts of it because they didn't work, according to a complaint filed in federal bankruptcy court.
So the coaster's engineers did calculations to ensure that each section of the track can help the train gain enough potential and kinetic energy to complete the entire ride.
She used to ride as a young adult, and she looks forward to getting back in the saddle every time the Harley group arrives.
On top of all that, the rides they permit are often curiously boring to watch, since by pulling the rider into the wave so early, Jet Skis eliminate the essential drama of the takeoff and drop.
A little more than a mile into the Slickrock Trail in Moab, Utah--one of the most breathtaking mountain-biking rides in the world--my nerves began to fray.
The spark found fuel at the December 2001 AFL-CIO convention in Las Vegas when the proposal for the Freedom Rides was adopted.
Camille Flanders clarifies, "We teach students to communicate with and handle horses in natural settings through hands-on horse care, trail rides, and outdoor arena drills.
The update noted a 95% confidence interval of + or - 43% around its overall amusement ride injury estimate.
And in what appeared to be the second part of a one-two punch aimed at TeamWorks, the agencies announced they'd stage a competing California bikeathon, the AIDS/LifeCycle, just two weeks before the AIDS Ride.