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a path specially made for riding on horseback



a narrow lane cut through a forest. Rides are made to designate the boundaries of compartments or to serve construction purposes (the laying of power lines and conduits). Rides divide a forest into economic units for exploitation, registration, economic planning and organization, control of forest fires, and transport of timber. A ride is usually 4–8 m wide. Rides established for fire-fighting purposes (sometimes called fire roads in the U. S.) may be as wide as 20 m.

What does it mean when you dream about riding?

Riding in a dream—be it in a car, train, ship—may indicate that the dreamer is seeking a destination. Alternatively, it may reveal that the dreamer is in a relationship or other situation that he or she feels is going nowhere, and it may require that they “ride it out” for awhile.

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Hunts have found ways of riding to hounds without breaking the law:Hunts today can use a variety of methods, including the following: Trail or drag hunting, which is hunting a trail based on the scent of the original quarry species.
While Morgan was riding to hounds, his pack damaged farmer Zeke's standing crops and stampeded Zeke's cattle.
It is thought likely that some will argue that it is impossible to prove that their intention when riding to hounds is to kill a fox.
Riding to hounds would become a certificated aspect of horsemanship and this would connect the hunts more closely to the much larger general riding fraternity.
Macca's comments come just days after 16-year-old Prince William and Prince Harry, 14, were pictured riding to hounds with the Beaufort Hunt.
Since her parents moved to Chipping Snipping in the Cotswolds, you'd think Sylvia had spent her life riding to hounds with Brigadier Bloodclot-Bludgeon and Sir Tarquin Tumble-Dryer instead of going for a balti with Bill Newman, deputy works manager of Bi rmingham Flange and Bolt.
A little bit north is Colonial House Bed & Breakfast (1845 Old Stage; 800/397-2515), so much a model of Georgian country elegance that you half-expect to see Tom Jones riding to hounds across its 5-acre grounds.