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in politics, the more conservative groups in the political spectrum, in contrast to the radical leftleft,
in politics, the more radically progressive wing in any legislative body or party. The designation apparently originated in the French National Assembly of 1789, where the radicals were seated to the left of the presiding officer.
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 and the liberal centercenter,
in politics, a party following a middle course. The term was first used in France in 1789, when the moderates of the National Assembly sat in the center of the hall. It can refer to a separate party in a political system, e.g.
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. The designation stems from the seating of the nobility on the right side of the presiding officer in the French National Assembly of 1789. In some European legislative assemblies conservative members are still seated in that position.

What does it mean when you dream about being on the right?

In addition to its directional meaning, being on the right can also mean being correct (e.g., to be on the right side of a situation). Being at the right hand of God also says one is in the righteous place of good instead of evil. The right in a dream can also mean to stand up for one’s “rights” or “to right” (rectify) a wrong.


1. of, designating, supporting, belonging to, or relating to the political or intellectual right (see sense 39)
2. conservative or reactionary
3. Geometry
a. formed by or containing a line or plane perpendicular to another line or plane
b. having the axis perpendicular to the base
c. straight
4. the supporters or advocates of social, political, or economic conservatism or reaction, based generally on a belief that things are better left unchanged (opposed to radical or left)
5. Boxing
a. a punch with the right hand
b. the right hand


The right side of the brain is associated with fluid intelligence, nonverbal reasoning, and creativity. In your dream you may be concerned with direction or being right. Either way right usually has positive connotations. You may be sending messages to yourself that you are on a right path or doing the right thing.
References in classic literature ?
Then Ulysses in turn lifted Ajax and stirred him a little from the ground but could not lift him right off it, his knee sank under him, and the two fell side by side on the ground and were all begrimed with dust.
Then he ought to have died and swung edifyingly, but instead a more terrible thing happened; his head came right off, and down the body went spinning to the sea, feeble, grotesque, fantastic, with the head racing it in its fall.
A-trottin' right off and never givin' me a thought.
ISLAMABAD -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to build F9 Park grid station on the right off way of blue area Islamabad.
Located right off the main road with a simple breakfast and lunch menu to follow.
When she wears my jewelry on set or to fundraisers, women buy the pieces right off her neck.
Take the third right off the roundabout, and the main campus will be ahead on the left.
With this kind of power, the CTS-V's tight grip on the curves threatens to rip the wrapping right off.
For some farmers, the only thing better than owning a John Deere 60 Series Combine is visiting the world-class facility where these machines are built and literally driving their brand-new harvester right off the assembly line.
Galaxy forward Jovan Kirovski was so disgusted by his 64th-minute substitution, he kept walking right off the field for a quick shower.
Newmark New Spectrum (NNS), the country's premier real estate firm, has announced that they have relocated the legendary home furnishings retailer Just Bulbs to their new home at 5 East 16th Street, right off of Union Square.