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right of way,

in land and air traffic and in sea navigation, rules that determine precedence in the use of traffic lanes. The rules are framed in the simplest possible terms and with nearly absolute uniformity in order to minimize the possibility of collisions. In land traffic, railroad trains, military vehicles in convoy, government vehicles (e.g., mail trucks), and emergency vehicles have the right of way over ordinary private vehicles. Rules of sea and air navigation are largely governed by international conventions and law. The term "right of way" is also applied to an easementeasement,
in law, the right to use the land of another for a specified purpose, as distinguished from the right to possess that land. If the easement benefits the holder personally and is not associated with any land he owns, it is an easement in gross (e.g.
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 in gross (e.g., that of a railroad). See air, law of theair, law of the,
in the broadest sense, all law connected with the use of the air, including radio and satellite transmissions; more commonly, it refers to laws concerning civil aviation.
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; maritime lawmaritime law,
system of law concerning navigation and overseas commerce. Because ships sail from nation to nation over seas no nation owns, nations need to seek agreement over customs related to shipping.
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Right of way

A strip of land over which a lawful right of passage exists for the benefit of persons who do not own the land.

right of way

Refers to the responsibility of each pilot of an aircraft to take all possible measures to avoid a collision with another aircraft. Some rules regarding the right of way are universal. Generally, the order of right-of-way priority is balloons, gliders, airships, flying machines towing anything, and flying machines. Airships will give way to gliders, and gliders to the balloons, etc. When two aircraft are converging in the air at approximately the same altitude, the aircraft that has the other on its right should give way (i.e., the aircraft on the right has the right of way). If two aircraft are approaching head-on, each will turn to the right. When overtaking, the overtaking aircraft must turn to the right and keep out of the way until it has overtaken the other aircraft. Gliders may, however, turn in either direction. The aircraft in front has the right of way. An aircraft landing or on the final approach has priority over all other traffic except seaplanes on the water. If two or more flying machines are approaching at the same time, the aircraft at the lower altitude has the right of way but cannot cut in front of or overtake another that is on final approach. An aircraft in an emergency has the right of way. On the ground, if two aircraft are approaching head-on, each will alter its heading to its right. In the case of converging aircraft on the ground, the one on the right has the right of way, and the aircraft being overtaken has the right of way.

right of way

a. the legal right of someone to pass over another's land, acquired by grant or by long usage
b. the path or road used by this right
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City) hereby invites qualified firms or individuals (bidders) to submit a BID for Landscape Maintenance service for areas existing within the Florida Department of transportation right-of-ways at the I-95 interchanges at Atlantic Avenue, Linton Boulevard and the grass at the base of the overpass at SW 10th Street in Delray Beach.
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