heart failure

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heart failure

1. a condition in which the heart is unable to pump an adequate amount of blood to the tissues, usually resulting in breathlessness, swollen ankles, etc.
2. sudden and permanent cessation of the heartbeat, resulting in death

Heart Failure


(cardiac insufficiency), a combination of disorders caused primarily by a reduction in cardiac contractility. Heart failure may occur if the heart is overstrained as a result of arterial hypertension or heart disease or if the blood supply to the heart is interrupted (myocardial infarction). Toxic influences, such as those produced during Graves’ disease, and myocarditis may also cause heart failure.

Heart failure is accompanied by congestion, because the weakened cardiac muscle cannot handle circulation. Left ventricular heart failure results in pulmonary congestion accompanied by dyspnea, cyanosis, and hemoptysis, whereas right ventricular heart failure results in passive congestion of systemic circulation marked by the development of edemas and the enlargement of the liver. Heart failure results in hypoxia of the organs and tissues, acidosis, and other metabolic disorders. Acute heart failure usually occurs in the left ventricle and is manifested by an attack of cardiac asthma.

Heart failure is treated with cardiac glycosides, diuretics, and antiarrhythmics. Surgery, for example, the implantation of a pacemaker, may be performed in certain cases.

heart failure

[′härt ‚fāl·yər]
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Right-sided heart failure due to acute pressure overload is the usual cause of death from PE since the right ventricle is unable to generate and sustain a systolic pressure of 50 mmHg (3).
1) Subsequent series have clearly documented an association between HIV and PH, which can lead to profound right-sided heart failure and a universally poor prognosis.
Other manifestations include poor growth pattern, increased respiratory problems, sweating and fatigue during feedings, cyanosis, and right-sided heart failure (MayoClinic.
If TVD is severe, the dog develops right-sided heart failure resulting in a very inefficient heart and a build up of fluid, especially in the abdomen.