rim board

rim joist, rim board

A piece of wood, around the perimeter of a wood frame, to which the ends of floor joists are attached.
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Tenders are invited for Work includes to removal and disposal of existing clapboard siding and rim board from all buildings.
The RIM board of directors now comprises Reed representatives Steven Cole (as Chairman) and Chris Reed, and MRL representatives Chris Ellison and Bruce Goulds.
The biennial publication includes recommendations for floor, wall, and roof construction, with specifications for glulams, I-joists, wood structural panels, rim board, and a new section on structural composite lumber, which provides descriptions for laminated veneer lumber (LVL), parallel strand lumber (PSL), laminated strand lumber (LSL), and oriented strand lumber (OSL).
Now we use 1 3/4-inch-thick LVL instead of 1-inch-thick rim board.
The automated rim board plant located on company property is engaged in partnerships with other local forest operations.
LP Rim Board reduces the need for on-site ripping and offers a reliable way to finish off floor and roof installations
Several key individuals were instrumental in the center's creation, including Fred Nader, RIM Board of Directors; Steve Hinderer, interim chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; and Edward Nieshoff, director, SCI Clinical Research.
Throughout all of the test configurations, care was taken to make sure that the only part of the specimen at the ledger end to bear on the reaction support would be the rim board, and not any of the other components.
Builders and dealers who use Trus Joist's TJ-Pro Rating system are able to calculate the total floor performance by combining the company's renowned Silent Floor[R] Joists, TJ[R] rim board, and the new TJ[R] Performance Plus[R] panels.
Voyageur Panel manufactures a wood product called rim board that is subsequently shipped to Manitou Forest Products for further processing.
Lumber will be supplying the complete line of Georgia-Pacific engineered lumber products, including Wood I Beam joists, GP LamA laminated veneer lumber (LVL), FiberstrongA rim board and laminated beams.