rim joist

rim joist, rim board

A piece of wood, around the perimeter of a wood frame, to which the ends of floor joists are attached.
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Scope: General repair of structure with Aufbeton- and CFRP strips reinforcing, sealing, coverings, abutment renovation, restoration of sub-visible surfaces, producing rim joist new construction of rails with handrails on bridges, road rehabilitation lt opinion STED.
A) A rim joist is the piece of lumber that locks the floor joists together and helps bear the weight of the walls above it.
Most of the rim joist wetness and mold are caused by the moisture from the uncovered crawl space dirt floor migrating through the rim joists' fiberglass insulation, which is lacking a plastic vapor retarder.
The basement was constructed with insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and the rim joist was insulated on the outside with 5.
Decks are also problem areas if the rim joist wasn't well flashed.
Platform framing consists of a rim joist box that runs around the outside of a structure inside of which the joists are hung.
To increase the strength of these areas, the rim joist can be doubled, or bridging or blocking can be added between the rim joist and the first interior joist.
Better yet are through-bolts if you have access to the rim joist from the basement.
When you're hanging drywall or plywood or even a rim joist, mark the framing locations and tack a few fasteners in the material before hoisting it.
If the front rim joist (the frame member that supports the front end of the decking and holds deck-front joist hangers) is shot, you may be able to sister a new length of PT outside of it and fasten new hangers between the old ones by running long bolts through thickness of both old and new wood.
The rim joist is the wide board that rests on the foundation and supports the exterior walls.
The rim joist is the solid blocking around the outside of the building, but you also need blocking under interior bearing walls.