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see rhymerhyme
or rime,
the most prominent of the literary artifices used in versification. Although it was used in ancient East Asian poetry, rhyme was practically unknown to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
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the accumulation of ice on long thin objects (tree branches, wires) during fog. Rime can be crystalline or granular. Crystalline rime forms as a result of the sublimation of water vapor and consists of ice crystals that form primarily on the windward side under conditions of weak wind and temperatures below — 15°C. The crystals are usually approximately 1 cm long, but many reach several centimeters. Granular rime is a snowlike, friable ice that forms on the windward side of objects in foggy, windy weather, mainly in the mountains. It forms when drops of supercooled fog freeze. Granular rime can sometimes reach a thickness of 50 cm or more.


A white or milky and opaque granular deposit of ice formed by the rapid freezing of supercooled water drops as they impinge upon an exposed object; composed essentially of discrete ice granules, and has densities as low as 0.2-0.3 gram per cubic centimeter.


frost formed by the freezing of supercooled water droplets in fog onto solid objects
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The event is being organised by Choice Advertising and Publicity in association with the Kerala Catholic Association (KCA) and will see Kerala musicians M G Sreekumar and Rimy Tomy take the stage as headline performers.
Deputy Speaker of the Council of States, Rimy Olier, said that preparations have been completed to holding the meeting of the Council of States in Juba.
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42) Leonor Rimy, durante el tiempo que estuvo casada con Cristobal Sauri, <<nunca hizo el oficio de hechicera, sino despues de viuda>>, se dedico a ofrendar a las huacas.
Lights twinkle across the ice from where the village clings to the bottom of a horseshoe-shaped cirque of rimy, ice-coated crags.