ring shake

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ring shake, cup shake, shell shake, wind shake

A separation in wood between or along the annual rings.
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Because there were not any ring shakes detected, they are not considered.
It is not possible to detect ring shakes with this algorithm.
Whereas these and other studies have attempted to identify the cause of ring shake, assessments of the occurrence and variability of ring shake have not been conducted on a broad geographical scale.
The first objective is to determine whether any tree characteristics are prominent indicators of ring shake in hemlock lumber.
Because ring shake is one of the more important attributes affecting lumber yields, detection and evaluation of shake was an important aspect of this study.
Ring shake is a serious wood utilization problem in hemlock because of its frequency of occurrence and potential for degrading a high proportion of lumber when it is present.
Occluded bird peck (BPK) on the tree bole was an indicator of ring shake in lumber.
From Figure 3, in trees with no birdpeck, the probability of ring shake is between 50 and 60 percent, and considerably higher for trees with birdpeck, 70 to 75 percent.
Anatomy of hemlock ring shake associated with sapsucker injury.