riparian rights

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riparian rights:

see water rightswater rights,
in law, the qualified privilege of a landowner to use the water adjacent to or flowing through his property. The privilege, also known as riparian rights, may be modified or even denied because of the competing needs of other private-property holders or of the
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As discussed below, First Nations in Alberta assert their rights to water in Canadian law under either claims of Aboriginal title, Aboriginal rights, treaty rights or even riparian rights.
Specifically, Part II argues that the appurtenancy requirement within riparian law--restricting riparian rights to appurtenant owners and restricting usage to appurtenant land-bears distinct similarities to key features of common property regimes.
Thus, based on modern principles of international water law, both the historic riparian rights of Israel as the downstream user and the rights of the Palestinians as the upstream party on a shared international body of water must be considered on the basis of equity and legitimate needs.
Laguna Niguel-based Robinson Development claimed it had that right - known as a riparian right - when it began using a controversial well to provide water for Robinson Ranch earlier this year.
He covers both the eastern and western US systems, with a separate chapter on western state water systems and fees, and topics such as government ownership and riparian rights, boundaries and rules regarding surface water, Native American rights, environmental regulation, nuisance and tort law, and social theory.
Riparian rights are considered to be part of the riparian land.
To protect the quality of life of Pennsylvanians who live near this land, we need to take a step back and reevaluate our policies regarding the conveyance of waterfront or riparian rights to ensure that we do not negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods or infrastructure.
The value of the riparian rights attached to the occupied land may be measured by the increased Israeli use of the river upstream and the continued use by settlers in the Jordan valley.
After negotiating with more than 80 landowners - including bankrupt railroads he soon accumulated 600 acres, 200 of which go to the pierhead line and include the riparian rights to develop the shoreline, and 400 of which are upland and buildable.