river engineering

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river engineering

[′riv·ər ‚en·jə‚nir·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
A branch of transportation engineering consisting of the physical measures which are taken to improve a river and its banks.

River engineering

A branch of civil engineering that involves the control and utilization of rivers for the benefit of humankind. Its scope includes river training, channel design, flood control, water supply, navigation improvement, hydraulic structure design, hazard mitigation, and environmental enhancement. River engineering is also necessary to provide protection against floods and other river disasters. The emphasis is often on river responses, long-term and short-term, to changes in nature, and stabilization and utilization, such as damming, channelization, diversion, bridge construction, and sand or gravel mining. Evaluation of river responses is essential at the conceptual, planning, and design phases of a project and requires the use of fundamental principles of river and sedimentation engineering. See Canal, Dam

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The team of specialized engineers and technicians at the engineering center used models of the Mississippi River to solve a number of river engineering issues, including dredging.
Wales, in particular, has undergone major river engineering works because of historic flooding problems affecting towns and cities.
The micro model showed that numerous designs using traditional river engineering concepts would greatly reduce dredging.
The core engineers in our team have been working with digital receivers since 1990," said Ken Sienski, President of Red River Engineering.
Seventh International Seminar on River Engineering, Ahvaz, Shahid Chamran University.
Jim Aldrich, Fairbanks office manager, says Baker is already providing river engineering services in support of two new oil developments.
He has also worked as an engineer at National Semiconductor Corporation, and senior DSP engineer at Crystal River Engineering Inc.
Together with its subsidiary, Crystal River Engineering, a recognized pioneer of 3D audio technology, Aureal provides products designed to raise audio standards and lead audio quality into the third dimension with its line of Aureal 3D (A3D) technologies.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Circlips For Smgr Consisting Of 3 Items/3 Nos Of M/S River Engineering Pvt.
The project foresees river engineering measures on this sector (sill and two T-groynes).
A3D was initially developed under NASA funding and is backed by over a decade of psycho-acoustic research and development by researchers around the world, as well as audio professionals at Crystal River Engineering (CRE), the advanced technology subsidiary of Aureal.