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(1) Using the services of another cellular carrier when traveling in a foreign country or in an area where the primary carrier has no service.

(2) Using a cellphone or smartphone and moving from one cell tower or Wi-Fi hotspot to another without losing the connection.



of animals for pasture, the migrations of populations of animals within a relatively small area in search of food and places to rest; one of the types of animal migration. In roaming for pasture, the animals move to an area that touches or overlaps their previous area, usually their mating grounds. Roaming usually takes place during a particular season of the year and often during a certain time of day. Roaming for pasture is widespread among mountain mammals; for many birds (rooks, starlings) roaming precedes the seasonal migration, and for others (bullfinches) roaming takes place all fall and winter. Some invertebrates move daily from one level of vegetation to another, depending upon such conditions as temperature and humidity.

References in classic literature ?
Thrown on the wide world, doomed to wander and roam,
At other times they roam singly or in pairs in and out of the caves, so that it would have been practically impossible for two men to have passed through the entire twenty-seven chambers without encountering an apt in nearly every one of them.
We naturally settled down into a very slow, stay-at-home manner of life, and resolved to be quiet, exemplary people, and roam no more for twenty or thirty days.
But, dear friend, we will never roam the woodlands together again.
Connaissez-vous le Proverbe:* 'Jerome, Jerome, do not roam, but turn spindles at home