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(rō`dēō, rōdā`ō), public exhibition of the skill of cowboys in various activities. Events include riding broncos, riding steers, "bulldogging" steers, roping and tying steers and calves, the use of the lasso, and other less closely related activities such as contests of marksmanship. The rodeo was originally merely an adjunct to the roundup, a contest of skill between various cow hands, but the spectacle became popular in the late 1880s and 90s and gradually took on more and more of the aspects of a circus. Today there are many professional rodeo performers who spend their time going from one exhibition to another. There are annual rodeos at many places in the West; in the East the rodeos normally travel like the circus and take place in indoor arenas.


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I have also asked my officials to see how we can improve animal welfare outcomes for animals used in rodeos.
Gozum said rodeo is about mastering basic skills in handling cattle that include throwing and pulling the lasso, holding and restraining the animal, and tying and securing its legs before one can administer treatment or examine it.
Payne, a famed rodeo entertainer known nationally as the One Arm Bandit after losing his right arm.
Kelm argues that by and large rodeo eschewed racial identities in favour of masculine ones, offering spectacles that celebrated exhibitions of frontier manliness.
Commenting on this endorsement Shikar Dhawan, who on March 16, registered his name in the record books by scoring the fastest century on debut in his maiden test against Australia said "It gives me immense happiness to associate with Rodeo Drive Luxury Products Pvt Ltd, the first luxury boutique in Bangalore and housing the best of the luxury brands and bringing in complete customer satisfaction at the best costs.
When sharing an arena with bulls, rodeo downs need to know how to protect themselves.
The rodeo events also will promote the Case Community Challenge program, which honors contractors who donate their lime and energy to participate in local community improvement projects.
Such ability in the rough stuff has tended to produce less that silky on-road ride and handling in pickups past but the Rodeo makes a valiant effort at smoothing out the rough edges.
For its part, the Calgary Stampede, Canada's largest rodeo, says it has no plans to remove the roping or steer-wrestling events from its programs.
Often the rodeo is simply a detour on the road to the slaughterhouse in these animals' short and miserable lives.
Fuel costs hovering around $3 per gallon are wreaking havoc on the wallets of rodeo cowboys, who often drive hundreds of miles per day in beefy pickup trucks pulling horse trailers to get to the next contests.
Rodeo competition begins Saturday morning at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.