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Regular Americans may find themselves sleeping uneasily on overstuffed mattresses, tossing and turning - maybe even roiling.
Hoffman Soto, David Greenaway, and Lakshmi Aysola, shrouded in white medical gowns and seated on roiling armless chairs, enacted their own terrifying death.
12-16 as 232 pieces of roiling stock and 14 containers were discharged from the ship.
And it quoted a spokesman for John Kerry as complaining: "Once again, the president is making excuses instead of coming up with a plan to deal with gasoline price rises that are roiling the economy.
More specifically, Cochi'an's been roiling a succession of deuce-deuce and larger rims.
The site also features Rollover Basics, which provides visitors with articles about roiling over a 401(k) or 403(b), a glossary that defines terms unfamiliar to the average investor, and an FAQ that answers questions visitors might have about rolling over their plans.
According to a May 29 report in the Post, Pressley had been working to tamp down the anger roiling the city's religious communities over the fact that the DC Marathon was scheduled for Palm Sunday.
Once they make it to their destinations, the salamanders start their underwater mating dance: a roiling, wriggling, reproductive melee just below the surface.
It supplies aluminum sow and molten aluminum to other Ormet plants, including a roiling mill that makes cansheet.
An 81-room highrise on the Miraflores neighborhood bluff overlooking the roiling Pacific Ocean, this hotel is walking distance to dining and shopping.
Not surprisingly, superintendents are roiling against the proposed legislation, claiming that it would hamstring the system.
Dating is volatile because, as University of Denver psychology professor Wyndol Furman says, adolescence is "a roiling emotional caldron whose major fuel .