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Roller skating rebounded for a while in the late 1970s disco era, he said.
Sheilah Davies teaches roller skating at the age of 78 RICHARD SWINGLER
Last year, the fourth annual Harry Potter Roller Skating Night drew over 900+ Harry Potter fans of all ages and the group is looking forward to breaking last year's attendance records.
The rink - the biggest of its kind in Europe - was closed to public as the National Roller Skating Association recorded his world record time a mile in two minutes, 58 seconds.
From roller skating in the 1940s and 1950s to ice skating in 1953, and then back to roller skating in 1983, the building has seen it all.
Ameya International Roller Skating Centre owned by Ameya Classic Club, has the best ever speed skating bank track and is the only one in India.
Roller skating is a great way to bring attention to [the movement] because so many people have great memories about roller skating.
Houston is Beyonce's hometown and after performing their tour leg there, the Queen Bey and her husband took their crew out for some roller skating fun at Fun Plex Entertainment, a local hangout spot that Beyonce apparently frequented while growing up in the city.
2 ROLLER skating improves muscle strength - from your gluteal muscles to your quadriceps, calves and abdomen.
I would suggest that consideration would be given to providing such roller skating rinks in the housing estates of Birmingham.
Four children aged between eight and 10 went to their first Tots and Mini Championships for Artistic Roller Skating at the Bushfield Sports Centre in Peterborough with their coach Pat Foxwell.
Photo courtesy of Egyptian Amateur Roller Skating Federation (EARSF) Facebook Page)