Roofing Tile

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Roofing Tile


pieces of ceramic roofing material made of fired clay, a cement-sand mortar, or a lime-sand mortar processed in an autoclave (silicate tile). The most common clay tile is made from plastic clays having a low fusion point (sometimes with the addition of a fireclay).

Depending on the shape and the molding method, roofing tile may be classified as grooved (both pressed and strip types) and flat (strip type); a ridge tile is also produced to cover the ridge of a roof. Depending on the composition of the clay and the firing method, tile may have a natural color ranging from brick red to a yellow-gray. For decorative purposes tile is sometimes coated with a colored glaze. Cement tile can be colored with a weatherproof pigment through its cross section or on its surface. The advantages of roofing tile are its durability, fire resistance, impermeability to water, frost resistance, and low maintenance costs (periodic painting is not required); the disadvantages include brittleness and relatively high weight. Tile roofs should have a steep slope (more than 30°) in order to drain off water.

roofing tile

A tile for roofing, often fabricated of clay or slate that has been treated in a kiln at an elevated temperature; also available in many types of materials and a variety of configurations; see clay tile, mission tile, pantile, ridge tile, Spanish tile.
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Open Energy's SolarSave[R] Roofing Tiles will be used on the roof of each condo unit in the Sunset Cove development.
DC Power Systems is one of the leading wholesale renewable energy distributors in North America and this agreement will help showcase Open Energy's SolarSave[R] Roofing Tiles product line to potential customers right across the United States," stated David Saltman, CEO of Open Energy.
The Sole Power Tile[TM] is the first curved solar roofing tile, designed to blend seamlessly with several styles of US Tile's clay roofing tiles.
The Sole Power Tile system is designed to seamlessly blend with several styles of US Tile's clay roofing tiles, providing sustainable energy while preserving curb appeal.
Headquartered in Center City Philadelphia, SRS Energy developed and manufactures the Sole Power Tile(TM) system, a curved solar roofing tile designed to integrate seamlessly with premium clay roof tiles offered by distribution partner US Tile, the largest clay tile manufacturer in the United States.
The Notice, dated June 30th, is a 20-day approval notice for OBS' clay double roll roofing tile No.
Prior to joining AMG, Inbody was director of marketing communications at MonierLifetile in Irvine, CA, the nation's leading concrete roofing tile manufacturer, where her leadership significantly improved the company's brand awareness and sales.
He also discussed that the Chinese-made clay roofing tiles to be sold by CHDT's subsidiary, Overseas Building Supply, LLC (OBS), have passed the physical properties test required to comply with Dade County code requirements.
Roofing tiles are expected to register the most rapid growth of all roofing products through 2019, driven by strong gains in housing starts in the South and West, where tiles are most often installed.
Although all [concrete] roofing tiles offer significant savings [in] heating and cooling expense compared to other materials, Platinum may enhance those savings by 20 to 40 percent.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Roofing in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Asphalt Shingles, Metal, Elastomeric, Built-Up, Roofing Tiles, Modified Bitumen, Plastic, and Others.