rotary cutting

rotary cutting, rotary slicing

A method of cutting wood veneer in which a log is fixed in a lathe and rotated against a knife so that the veneer is peeled from the log in a continuous sheet; used to produce softwood veneer and low-grade hardwood veneer.
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Contract notice: Delivery of laboratory to study the mining process by milling or drilling rotary cutting tools or individual organs.
Mike Dinsdale, managing director of rotary cutting tools firm Guhring, said it was galling to hear Midland manufacturing knocked when it was enjoying a renaissance.
Mike Dinsdale, managing director of rotary cutting tools firm Guhring Ltd, said: "We, the nation and the good people of Birmingham, do not want to hear such inaccurate comments from the BBC claiming that manufacturing in the UK is 'moving in the wrong direction,' a totally misguided statement.
Rotary cutting is "the least expensive and the most popular" way to cut veneer.
All DUX Dental Bur Blocks offer accessible storage for all types of rotary cutting instruments.
We are the pioneer of the rotary die cutting technology, since 1994, long engaged in research and development of rotary die cutting technology, established the China's largest manufacturing base of rotary cutting die and related products, including the introduction of the world's advanced level of manufacturing equipments, testing equipments and vacuum pressure heat treatment center, .
Since the introduction of the horizontal rotary cutting machines as opposed to the rotary cylinder machines, there has been a noticeable reduction in quality of our greens and verges.
Bosch says, "The machine's revolving (long-dwell) sealing system allows for longer sealing times compared with traditional rotary cutting heads, which results in airtight sealed seams.
The technology uses a unique Recycler rotary cutting action that makes the machines so superior to ordinary mulching mowers.
3] Radial Tangential part of part of Tool Conventional Rotary cutting cutting rotational grinding ultrasonic force force frequency method grinding [F.
V-tec veined rotary cutting tools with helical end mills and drills, are PCD-coated using ultra-high pressure and a high-temperature process that lets polycrystalline diamond be directly sintered into the veins that form complex geometric shapes.
The chain of products is fed through the roll holder and transported to a servo driven rotary cutting system, via an aligning unit, for faster operation speed and accuracy.