rotor hub

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rotor head

rotor head
i. That part of the rotor hub to which the rotor blades are attached. Sometimes called a spider. The same as a rotor hub.
ii. When used as slang, it means a helicopter pilot.
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A steady course and no speed changes helped to minimize rocking of the ship and oscillation of the suspended rotor hub.
Early helicopters had to be equipped with fully articulated rotor hubs, i.
The HMVS cancels the largest vibratory loads near the source of the vibration, which is the main rotor hub, thus keeping the loads from propagating into the airframe.
The wind turbines comprise the main turbine operating body (the nacelle), the rotor hub and blades.
The European Aviation Safety Agency says a failure to carry out daily checks could lead to "main rotor hub failure and consequent loss of the helicopter.
TWO out of three air ambulances in Wales were grounded yesterday after cracks were found in the rotor hub of an identical helicopter in Scotland.
The fault - a crack on the main rotor hub - was discovered in a Eurocopter EC135 helicopter in Scotland in February.
The defect - a crack on the lower hub-shaft flange of a main rotor hub shaft - was discovered during a routine inspection.
4/27/2011 SH-60F During turnaround inspection, discovered FOD inside rotor hub that damaged hub and blade spindle.
You must use a rubber mallet to break the seal and remove it from the main rotor hub after unbolting it.