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At this point, we began constructing the "A" frames on the beams using 2 x 8 rough-cut material.
Voiced by Nathan Lane, that bad ol' puddy tat has been getting big laughs at rough-cut screenings.
In place of the rough-cut mill lengths buyers once favored, OEM manufacturers increasingly expect finished parts and assemblies from their extrusion processors.
There, a deliberately rough-cut marble slab breaks giddily out of a smooth stone expanse.
A transitional work, it harks back to what we find in the best of Albers' photographs, such as the wonderful Roads, Paynauntal, VII 30, 1930 - a study of a rural fence made of rough-cut boards and the shadow it casts on a dirt road.
Eventually, the simulation methodology developed could be integrated with rough-cut analytic tools for faster analysis and decision-making.
Amid the hipster drumbeats and rough-cut guitars, the songs are willing to confide their uncertainty.
Paradoxically, he makes hard stone see soft in a way that abstracts and "real-izes" hardness with special poignancy; h smooths rough-cut stone in a way that makes its roughness uncannily emphatic an "ec-static," calling special perceptual attention to it.
In addition, Atari screened a sneak peek of the rough-cut of "Run The Gauntlet" - a three-minute live-action short film inspired by DRIV3R and written and directed by Ridley Scott Associates' (RSA) Sean Mullens - as well as the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.
Although polished examples of the travertine exist elsewhere on the site (on the museum lobby floor for example), the stone on the outside of the building is rough-cut, and you can see fossil remains in it.