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The boat's crew proceeded to the reef of rocks, and rowed round and round it a great many times.
When they had come inside the harbour they furled the sails and laid them in the ship's hold; they slackened the forestays, lowered the mast into its place, and rowed the ship to the place where they would have her lie; there they cast out their mooring-stones and made fast the hawsers.
By the time he had rowed a quarter of a mile, his reflections were less bitter; and when he saw the bushes that lined the shore in front of Natty’s habitation gliding by him, as if they possessed the motion which proceeded from his own efforts, he was quite cooled in mind, though somewhat heated in body.
The latter did not lie much more than the first, for he had rowed on board his majesty's galleys six years, at Ciotat.
They all, to the number of eight, threw themselves into their boat, which was about twenty feet in length, and rowed with might and main.
The boy had rowed, in a ladylike fashion, on the Adirondack ponds; but there is a difference between squeaking pins and well-balanced rowlocks - light sculls and stubby, eight-foot sea-oars.
He stood his chance for the rest; wrote up for leave of absence, but without waiting the return, travelled night and day till he got to Portsmouth, rowed off to the Grappler that instant, and never left the poor fellow for a week.
He rowed me away and I sat there prostrate, groaning softly to myself, with my hat pulled over my face.