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1. flexibility of tempo in performance
2. to be played with a flexible tempo



in music, a term designating a rhythmically free (not strictly in time) execution of the notes. Rubato is usually associated with the acceleration and slackening of tempo.

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And so, here we have two factors in Carter--the limited practicality of rubato and the deliberate distortion of natural speech rhythm--that pose a conundrum to the well-trained singer, who has absorbed the message that idiomatic (i.
7 Annette Messager and Gerard Pesson, Rubato ma glissando (Festival d'automne at Maison de I'Architecture, Paris) Here audiences were welcomed to the garden of the Maison de I'Architecture by a giant, convulsing man--in actuality a white balloon inflated by strong blasts of air--before entering the venue in a somewhat ritualistic manner.
Many of the verses in the pieces allow for freedom of expression and a natural rubato is felt--even though it's not written.
Nevertheless, I can conceive that it is possible to play Foerster's music with an even greater imagination and some of the passages would benefit from a more cantabile cantilena or a more fluid bass line, and many a rubato could be played more forcibly too.
Bulgarian conductor Julian Kovatchev paced things well and urged the orchestra to support the emotions of each scene with sweeping phrasing and judicious use of rubato.
His use of tempo rubato in the Mazurka is beautifully characteristic of the form--never distorted and in a word, perfect
Far more compelling, however, was his musical artistry, evident in the perfectly shaped phrases, the varied coloristic palette, and the use of rubato, so beloved by Chopin.
With promotion firmly in his sights, Paul relocated back to The Philharmonic Hall's Rubato Caf Bar, where he was promoted to head chef, before moving to Bistro Jacques in Hardman Street, where he worked as a sous chef, catering for more than 100 covers a day.
Smart knows better, and his interpretations of these lovely confections are generally taken at caressingly sedate tempos, even when (as on his own "Two Flower Rag") the listener might occasionally wish that there were a bit less rubato and fulsome sentimentality and a bit more rhythmic vigor.
Lupo displayed his mastery of this concerto in the first few measures, his use of dynamic contrasts and breathtaking rubato revealing his familiarity with the outer and inner workings of the piece.
Rees' mum Jean will be at the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea to see the piece, which is produced by Berlin-based dance company Rubato, whom Rees worked with on his solo show, Gloria Days, which paid tribute to the flamboyant fifth Marquis of Anglesey, Henry Cyril Paget.