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(graphic arts)
An impression made by moistening a thin, tough paper and patting it into the incised parts of a carved or modeled surface, then rubbing it with pencil, chalk, inked pad, or watercolor; an actual-size image of the original is produced on the paper.

flatting down, rubbing

Rubbing abrasive powder or similar material on a surface to lower the gloss and make it more uniform.

sanding, flatting down, rubbing

Smoothing a surface with abrasive paper or cloth, either by hand or by machine.
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Most hunters recognize that whitetail bucks begin rubbing in earnest when shedding the summer's antler velvet.
A total of 100 Yellow-wood stems was assessed for antler rubbing in each gully, and this required assessing the 50 plants closest to two randomly generated locations within each gully.
SUBTLE SYMPHONY Rubbing is a symphony of subtle pressures resulting in changing impressions.
That is different, that is just to get some grip on the ball but here someone is just going berserk rubbing the mud on the ball," he said.
Prior to its publication, even readers with a great aesthetic, historical, or commercial interest in the history of rubbings had few places to go to learn more about the history of collecting and the criteria for connoisseurship, unless they were willing and able to devote several years of full-time study to such classic works as Ouyang Xiu's Jigu lu, Gu Yanwu's Jinshi wenzi ji, Chen Jieqi's Chuangu bielu, and Yan Gengwang's Shike shiliao congshu.
When you're collecting bark rubbings, ask yourself questions.
How to: Give pale skin a little bit of glow by rubbing Revlon Skinlights Color Lighting for Eyes/Cheeks in Rosy ($9, at drugstores) onto the apples of your cheeks.
They have been able to try out brass rubbing themselves, as well as seeing the work of experts.
Until now, the only method to reliably align the molecules involved rubbing a polymer substrate with a velvet cloth.
Tree rubbing in white rhinos is similar to "sign-posting" in cervids and some bovids, and may function as a scent-marking behavior.
My years of association with the famous Bucky--a free-ranging buck that chose to hang around my hunting camp on the Tex-Mex border--taught me much more about the rubbing behavior of whitetail bucks.