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see acanthusacanthus
, common name for a member of the Acanthaceae, a family of chiefly perennial herbs and shrubs, mostly native to the tropics. A few members of the family, many of which have decorative spiny leaves, are cultivated as ornamentals—especially the Mediterranean
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Petrolina-PE, 2014-2015 Especie Nome Vulgar Familia Ruellia asperula Melosa Acanthaceae (Mart.
889 m Ruellia incompta Bulbostylis fasciculata rocky outcrop cerrado Trachypogon spicatus 31 12[degrees]26' 08" S Echinolaena inflexa 41[degrees]31' 04" W Axonopus polydactilus Alt.
Familias e especies HB GE FV SD ACANTHACEAE Ruellia subsessilis (Martius) Lindau SB H Zoo ASTERACEAE Conyza primulifolia (Lam.
Ruellia or Mexican petunia is an excellent flowering perennial for sun or partial shade.
To break up the rock, Sharpe and Tompkins planted colorful native plants, including light pink and purple ruellia, petit oleander, goldmound lantana--which is bright yellow with a hint of orange--and torchglow bougainvillea
Setarius 4 Doryopteris pedata + Solanum sisymbriifolium + Eragrostis lugens 2 Poa lanigera 1 Gomphrena perennis 1 Ambrosia tenuifolia + Porophyllum obscurum 1 Petunia parviflora + Spergula ramosa + Dolichandra cynanchoides + Ruellia coerulea + + Sporobolus pyramidatus 1 Selaginella sellowii 3 Dichondra microclayx 1 + Commelina erecta + + Dyckia remotiflora var.
FAMILY Species Loc Coeff Prov Habit Habitat Anth ACANTHACEAE Ruellia humilis L.
Rama Parda - Ruellia Californica-Satooml: Washing the face with tea made from this plant invigorates, and diminished fatigue.
Plantings for color consist of yellow cassia; purple and white leucophyllum; red calliandra, euphorbia and salvia; magenta bouganvillea; and blue ruellia.