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Disney World theme parks and Universal's Volcano Bay water park serve Siesta Key rums.
Liam Pennycook, the young Head Distiller of Strathearn Distillery, who started the rum interest at Strathearn, said: "I always told Tony that Rum was a great drink and after a few research sessions, the idea was born - or at least what we could remember".
We believe the premiumization of the rum category is just a few years away," says Ned Duggan, vice president, brand managing director for Bacardi.
It's not like there aren't a slew of super-premium, high-quality rums in the market--just this June at the Beverage Alcohol Retailer Conference in Minneapolis, two brands (Don Q from Puerto Rico's Seralles Distilleria, and Ron Abuelo from Panama's Varela distillery) showed exceptional aged rums.
After the last tots were issued (bringing a 230-year tradition to an end), the remaining rum was left in storage in stone flagons and forgotten about for more than 40 years.
Having been to some amazing beer festivals and gin festivals we decided to set up something for rum drinkers, somewhere fun where they could try new and exciting rums whilst listening to live music, eating great food and be surrounded by like-minded people.
Vonk continued: "We are thrilled to be part of a Rum Renaissance and to rank among a very few Distilleries in America fully dedicated to handcrafting domestic, authentic Rum directly from unrefined cane, savored by Whisky & Bourbon fans, Cognac and Brandy connoisseurs and aficionados of aged spirits in general.
htm called this rum "a holy grail for American rum-drinkers.
ALTERNATIVELY, a nice touch is to bring some golden rum to the party and a measure of white and dark will add an extra kick to your simple mix of coconut cream and pineapple juice.
Paul said: "Our Golden Spiced Rum has been blended with a hint of ginger and black pepper rather than the sweeter vanilla-taste favoured by some other producers.
The rum has a hint of ginger and black pepper, rather than Paul, who was born in Teesside, has lived in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.
There will be a range of suppliers, each with up to four different rums to try, including: Pussers Rum, Angostora Rum, Botran Rum, El Dorado Rum, Ron Cubay Rum, Tiburon Rum, Old Grogg Rum and Sunset Rum.