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, rhumba
1. a rhythmic and syncopated Cuban dance in duple time
2. a ballroom dance derived from this
3. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance



a ballroom dance of Mexican origin using elements of Cuban folk dance with a sharply syncopated rhythm. The rumba became popular in the late 1920’s in the USA and Western Europe. The musical measure is 4/4, and the tempo is moderate with a sharp increase in the last part.


A popular family of PC-to-host connectivity programs from NetManage, Inc., Cupertino, CA ( Acquired in 1999 from Wall Data Inc., the RUMBA software gives desktop PC users access to virtually any host across any network. Rumba supports Windows and OS/2 clients connected to IBM mainframes, AS/400s, VAXes, HP, Unix and other hosts via coax adapters, twinax cards or the network.
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Rumba says businesses that utilize the WorkWISE consultation services will come back every year or every other year.
Upon accepting his new post, Pratt advised that the organization will soon introduce lower and flat rate fees for individuals and corporations to join RuMBA.
The Central Park Rumba is above all a community's family gathering, with hours of socializing, eating, and making new connections on the grassy area uphill from the benches, where a variety of pan-Caribbean drinks and foods are shared and vended.
During the 1800s sailors arrived in Spain with the new rumba rhythm from Cuba that Spanish gypsies then integrated into their own flamenco music to create "rumba flamenca.
Another Rumba brainchild is the Magnetic Chess and Checkers travel set ($9.
The Rumba del Siglo ('Rumba Of The Century') line-up includes conga player Miguel 'Anga' Diaz, formerly a member of Irakere, singer Teresa Caturla (from the Afro-Cuban All-Stars) and Luis 'Aspirina' Chacon, one of Cuba's best rumba dancers.
2 lets customers administer and manage RUMBA Web-to-Host clients securely.
In the wake of his departure, the board of directors has named Kevin Vitale, president of the flagship Rumba connectivity business and formerly chief operating officer of the overall company, as the new president of Wall Data Inc.
has announced full support for the Euro currency symbol for IBM Mainframe and AS/400 versions of RUMBA 95/NT products.
This weekend, the boys from Garage City will be rolling it out again at their regular venue, the ever popular Bar Rumba.
Micro Focus[R], the leading provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, today announced the availability of RUMBA 8.
We are all in a carnival mood right about now so some Latin sounds from the three-member band Rumba Attack in Limassol on Sunday is sure to go down well with all your night life fans.