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He then fled the bank, running past a jewelry store, Bosley said.
How would he like to have the trams running past his house in West Derby?
A girl was running past me, and I could see blood all over her face,'' McNeal, 26, said.
The Cougars aren't big, but with speedsters Trent Sanders, James Norris, Daron Taylor, Paul Holefield and Clifford Johnson running past and jumping over Sylmar's defensive backs, it didn't matter.
The Chinese get their chance in the World Cup final Saturday at the Rose Bowl, after running past defending champion Norway 5-0 Sunday night.
Jelani Gardner scored 16 points as Pepperdine set a school record for shooting percentage in a half, running past San Jose State 65-46 on Saturday night in San Jose.
It's also less disciplined, given to running past the ball and missing tackles.