rupture strength

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modulus of rupture

A measure of the ultimate load-carrying capacity of a beam; equal to the ratio of the bending moment at rupture to the section modulus of the beam.
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Rheological characteristics: Rheological characteristics like firmness, rupture strength, and elasticity were measured on starch gels prepared through micro-visco- amylograph which were poured in 3.
Generally, these specimens exhibited greater ultimate failure strengths than the specimens in other groups such that longitudinal grooves showed enhancement of the ultimate rupture strength to a considerable degree compared to conventional surface preparation.
The Goodman-Boiler mean stress model (13) which uses creep rupture strength ([S.
The rupture strength and bending test were conducted after Ni-Cr plating, as electroplating introduces hydrogen into the material, causing the risk for brittleness (Table 4).
93 Transverse rupture strength 1570 1570 1500 1300 Compressive strength, MPa 6080 4800 5000 3000 Youngs Modulus X [10.
They include density, electrical/thermal conductivity, transverse rupture strength (beam strength), impact resistance, hardness at elevated/reduced temperatures, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity, compressive strength, corrosion resistance (to acids, alkalis, water), coefficient of friction, coefficient of thermal expansion, and magnetism.
It will not occur in the body frame structure, body and external enclosures leak, rupture strength and corrosion reasons, need repairs or failure, casing exchange, swap frame member, floor replacement,
1998) and rounding the right angle corners is generally recommended both to enhance confinement effectiveness and to reduce the detrimental effect of a sharp corner on the tensile rupture strength of FRP.
A small pressure is applied to the foam boundaries and every cell window between a wet cell and a dry cell is checked to evaluate if the applied pressure is greater than its rupture strength ([P.
With a transverse rupture strength equal to that of C7 cemented carbide, it performs best in both rough and finish machining of aluminum work pieces with the potential to replace carbide.