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What does it mean when you dream about the countryside?

A sense of the natural, as in feeling natural. Non-rural people associate the countryside with relaxation.

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Rural communities are the heart of North Dakota, but they often face health care challenges because of their remote locations and access to few doctors, which can make it more difficult to access quality, affordable health care.
The age of rural NB nurses is higher than NB urban nurses, with a greater proportion of rural NB nurses over 55 years of age compared to all NB nurses.
According to the PDIC, Community Rural Bank of Magallon's bank information sheet showed that as of June 30, it was owned by the following: Magallon Integrated Holdings Corp.
The new document, which offers an update to Rural Healthy People 2010, identifies the top 10 rural health priorities based on interviews with 1,200 rural stakeholders nationwide.
Limited data exist regarding how rural background and/or training may impact midwifery students' practice location after graduation.
The statement names superfast broadband delivery, rural business grants and rural growth networks among initiatives to create rural jobs, new business opportunities and rural economic growth.
The area of work undertaken by Rural Development that is grabbing the most headlines today is efforts to develop renewable energy resources.
Family physicians are in greater supply in rural areas than are specialists.
The first half of the book contains much that will be familiar to rural historians.
The architect's paintings have an affinity with Chagall, another poet of the countryside who sought to express the rhythms of impoverished rural life in modernist compositions.