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The court said that the Ruses hired experts to establish fair market value of their property solely because of, and in connection with, the condemnation proceedings.
The Relation Between Science and Religion by Michael Ruse Cambridge University Press $24.
The Ruses for War does a fine job of interpreting events in the light least favorable to Washington, but rarely rebuts or even mentions opposing interpretations.
The strongest chapters of The Ruses for War demonstrate Quigley's wrath about both Panama and the continuing silence of even Democrats about this shameful episode.
The Ruses for War falters badly, however, when it attempts to depict the sort of dishonorable behavior of the Panama invasion as a ubiquitous theme in American military action.
In the Ruses for War, action against Saddam was strictly an American vendetta.
A book that gives equal weight to the good and bad of American motives would, ultimately, make a stronger case against the bad than a one-sided work like The Ruses for War.