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coarse cloth used for making sacks, woven from flax, hemp, jute, etc.



a coarse, sturdy fabric made of heavy linen yarn with interwoven threads. The yarn for sacking is made of hard bast fibers from jute, kenaf, and piemarker, as well as from by-products of the primary processing and hackling of low-staple deseeded flax and of short fiber. Sacking is used to make sacks (sacking material) and as a packing fabric.

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Most of the company had indeed lived in their costumes for the last day or two, and Fisher himself had assumed his frock of sacking as a convenient dressing gown; but there seemed, nevertheless, something unusually finished and formal, in the way of an early bird, about this magnificent red cockatoo.
Their employment of sacking and such-like coarse material for work-a-day clothing, and their habit of tying it on with string and of thrusting wadding and straw inside it for warmth, gave these people an odd, "packed" appearance, and as it was a week-day when Tom took his little nephew for the hen-seeking excursion, so it was they were attired.
I must confess I was never at the sacking a city, or at the taking a town by storm.
So now they has two ropes, 'bout six foot apart, and three from the floor, which goes right down the room; and the beds are made of slips of coarse sacking, stretched across 'em.
Why, I've seen the day when I shouldn't ha' known myself if I'd lain on sacking i'stead o' the floor.
But his /bride/ and her mother are to drive in a peasant's cart covered with sacking (I know, I have been driven in it).
Almost three quarters (72 per cent) of the previous 39 sackings saw the team in question improve their form to some degree following the sacking.
Sackings which I'm sure leave the players saddened and bemused.
And that's why the recent sackings in the Premier League.
The Trinity Mirror Data Unit has taken a look at every Premier League and Championship sacking over the last five seasons, comparing the form of each club before and after the sackings.
d "It's embarrassing for the game that all of those sackings are unfair dismissals.
That s the smokescreen for mass sackings like we ve seen in Queensland.