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in the Roman Catholic Church, aid to devotion that is not a sacrament. Sacramentals are commonly divided into six classes: prayer, anointing, eating, confession, giving, and blessings. According to church teaching, sacramentals are not founded by God but by the church, and therefore do not convey grace. Examples are holy waterholy water,
in Christian churches, water blessed to symbolize spiritual cleansing. In Roman Catholic churches there is a bowl (stoup or font) of holy water near the doors, so that the faithful may bless themselves with it on entering.
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, many blessings, and the rosaryrosary
[rose garden], prayer of Roman Catholics, in which beads are used as counters. The term, applied also to the beads, is extended to Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist prayers that use beads.
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At the Second Vatican Council, the world's Catholic bishops called for an updating of the church's sacramental practices.
convinces his readers or not, his challenging book, with its patient and focused scholarship, deserves serious attention by Lonergan scholars and sacramental theologians alike.
La vida es sueno habia sido un proyecto que siempre tuvimos en mente y ahora contamos con la maduracion para abordarlo; pero no se trata exactamente del drama barroco bien conocido de Calderon de la Barca, sino del auto sacramental.
El interes particular del estudio de la distincion 26 del comentario del Serafico al IV libro de las Sentencias de Pedro Lombardo--la primera dedicada al sacramento del matrimonio--es manifiesto en cuanto en dicha distincion san Buenaventura afronta el tema de la institucion y el significado sacramental del matrimonio, es decir, los dos argumentos fundamentales que hacen del matrimonio un caso singular del septenario sacramental.
Tal como indica su titulo, el libro tiene como objeto la proteccion juridica del sigilo sacramental en el Derecho canadiense.
Boersma, author of the well-received Nouvelle Theology and Sacramental Ontology: A Return to Mystery, presents that volume's research in a more popular form with "a particular eye toward an evangelical audience" that spells out the theological implications that he believes nouvelle theologie "continues to have" (p.
Baptism is the defining moment in one's life, incorporation into a new sacramental identity and vocation for the sake of the world, from which there is no turning back.
Jeanes rakes up the question of Cranmer's sacramental theology, examining it in light of history and liturgical studies.
Some opened stores selling kosher wine "for sacramental purposes.
Although the title Baptist Sacramentalism is probably an oxymoron for most Baptists, some Baptists do find and respect a sacramental hint in certain Christian rites, practices, and doctrines.
This practice sidelines the importance of the sacraments and emphasizes the therapeutic aspect of Christian life, according to Cordes, who argues strongly for greater emphasis on the sacramental role of priests without putting these men on a pedestal and thus placing a barrier between them and the laity.
If Calvin the pastor places great emphasis on seeing and on practising where it comes to the sacramental support and nurture of our faith, Calvin the theologian puts even greater emphasis on the Word and the Spirit where it comes to the power of the sacraments to achieve this end.