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Reserved for exclusive use by something. The term might mean only writable by whatever it is sacred to.

For example, "Register 7 is sacred to the interrupt handler" would mean that if any other code changed the contents of register 7, dire consequences would ensue.

What does it mean when you dream about a sacred place?

A church, temple, synagogue, or any place considered sacred may indicate a renewing of what the dreamer considers to be important or venerable.

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The spread and natural evolution of English itself, combined with the transience in the population of English-language users, have forced reexamination of the goals of English-language learning and teaching, as well as a reconceptualization of the English language itself along with sacredly held paradigms in ELT.
They violate the sacredly ordained integrity of nature by uprooting and remixing it for macabre purposes.
Substituting a sacredly embodied materialism for that of the American market, this sacramentality, rooted in the body, is one way--Hazel's sacrileges are another--that Wise Blood combats the other materialism, that of the American religion.
Finally, it is about men whose sacredly held views on art, commerce, and government can cause them to unwisely shoot off their mouths.
Schapiro was a most Spinozan atheist: he took everything religious seriously; at the very least it was sacredly human.
Its empire, considered sacredly, is a geopolitical space without national boundaries, which has been populated by the umma ("community of Muslim believers") living in sunna, tradition centered in five practices.
Sex, traditionally handled secretly and sacredly, is now paraded in public at the whims and fancies of advertising media barons.
Now with the citing allegedly of police delays also it is time to revisit this and how much more pressing a subject, than the last thing one can do for a family member before sacredly taking leave of one's loved one, can there be?
Loving memories of Moira are held sacredly in the hearts of her mother Hilda Bibby; sisters Janette, Carole and Julia; brothers in law Barry and Keith; cousin Brian, niece and nephews.
During their stay in India, Ben and his grandmother observe monkeys living freely in the city, cows and elephants treated sacredly, the dead being cremated on the roadside, and people bathing in the river where the ashes are sprinkled.
For example, Franco Marucci's "L'ultima parola di Lady Chatterley" [The Last Word of Lady Chatterley] posits that Lawrence uses the word "fuck" sacredly, to re-focalize the corporality of the sex act after the literature of the Victorian period had euphemized it for many decades.
He has, after all, compelled a child--one still too young to grasp either the flesh or the spirit--to stimulate the passions of bodies and of souls simultaneously, to do, that is, the grown-up jazz-preacher work of exciting and tending the audience/congregation's passionate, sacredly profane mysteries.