Safety Glass

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safety glass

[′sāf·tē ‚glas]
A glass that resists shattering (such as a glass containing a net of wire or constructed of sheets separated by plastic film).
A glass that has been tempered so that when it shatters, it breaks up into grains instead of jagged fragments.

safety glass

A glass containing thin wire mesh reinforcement; glass laminated with transparent plastic; glass toughened by heat treatment, causing it to break into small fragments without splintering. See also: Glass

Safety Glass


(in Russian, tripleks), a three-ply shatterproof glass composed of two sheets of organic or silicate glass, or combinations of the two, and a connecting (adhesive) layer. The organic glass may be polymethyl methacrylate or polycarbonate, and the silicate glass may contain sodium or calcium, or it may be of the aluminoborosilicate type.

If an adhesive polymer film—for example, polyvinyl butyral —is used as the connecting layer, safety glass is prepared in the following manner. The film is placed between the glass plates, then the resulting intermediate product is glued together by such means as pressure molding at 1.8–2 meganewtons per sq m, or 18–20 kilograms-force per sq cm, and a temperature of 40°–50°C higher than the flow point of the film. Safety glass does not shatter on impact but only cracks. It is used for windows in automobiles, airplanes, helicopters, ships, and railroad rolling stock.

Safety glass

A unitary structure formed of two or more sheets of glass between each of which is interposed a sheet of plastic, usually polyvinyl butyral. In usual manufacture, two clean and dry sheets of plate glass and a sheet of plastic are preliminarily assembled as a sandwich under slight pressure to produce a void-free bond. The laminate is then pressed under heat long enough to unite. For use in surface vehicles the finished laminated glass is approximately ¼ in. (6 mm) thick; for aircraft it is thicker. See Glass

laminated glass, safety glass, shatterproof glass

Two or more plies of plate glass, float glass, or sheet glass, bonded to a transparent plastic sheet between them to form a shatter-resisting assembly.

safety glass

1. Wire glass. 2. Tempered glass. 3. Laminated glass.

wire glass, wired glass, safety glass

Sheet glass containing wire mesh embedded between the two faces to prevent shattering in the event of breakage.
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